Liquified Natural Gas /Compressed Natural Gas Solutions

Mobile Energy Services
  • REV’s liquified natural gas transportation fleet provides true turnkey LNG supply services to a variety of markets.
  • The foundation of REV’s offering relies on our  LNG and CNG Virtual Pipeline solutions customized to the exact specifications of our customers’ requirements.
  • With an emphasis on the safety of our staff, customer and community members, REV is able to provide rapid response mobile  gas services to the most complex situations.
  • Our assets are operated by REV staff;  highly experienced technicians and drivers, ensuring quality and efficient service.
CNG/LNG/RNG Mobile Energy Services – Vertically integrated supply to injection point virtual pipeline transportation and logistics.
  • Peak shaving
  • Emergency services
  • Planned maintenance services
  • Temporary or longer term “gas island” customer services
  • RNG production site to pipeline or market injection site services
  • Partnership with Berkshire Hathaway on the formerly Pivotal LNG asset base and supply points

Our customers are transmission lines, utilities, LDCs, municipalities, commercials, industrials, marine bunkering and more…

Why LNG?

Safety is our main priority at REV LNG. LNG is simply natural gas in its liquid form that is cooled to -260 °F. LNG evaporates quickly because it is lighter than air, alleviating the pooling hazard common with petroleum based fuels. Additionally, LNG is a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and non-corrosive fuel, which means that ground water contamination is never an issue.
The recent discoveries of massive natural gas reserves in the United States creates an enormous opportunity for businesses due to the availability of inexpensive natural gas. Combine the widening spread between natural gas and liquid based petroleum fuels, LNG is an attractive alternative for many transportation and stationary applications. LNG is a lower cost alternative to traditional petroleum fuels like diesel and propane, while offering significant long-term economic and environmental benefits to your company in any application.
Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, with 50% lower emissions than the next best option. The liquefaction process removes abnormalities in the fuel, allowing the gas to burn completely with minute amounts of carbon dioxide and water as the only byproducts. LNG is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and odorless. When exposed to the environment, LNG will evaporate rapidly, leaving no residue in soil or water which means nothing would remain in the event of a spill. When converted to natural gas and compared to No. 2 fuel oil, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25% and sulfur dioxide emissions by 99%.
The United States is home to more than 25 enormous natural gas reservoirs. At current consumption rates, our natural gas fields contain enough gas for nearly two hundred years of use. Our country’s tremendous natural gas potential opens an opportunity to reduce our foreign oil dependence while increasing energy and national security. Natural gas employs Americans and is consumed by Americans with no dependence on imported foreign oil.