REV has a proven track record of developing successful projects:

Towanda LNG Storage & Liquefaction Facility

  • REV is a minority owner of the Towanda LNG facility in Partnership with Pivotal LNG, a Berkshire Hathaway Company.
  • Strategically located in the Marcellus shale region of Northeastern Pennsylvania, the facility produces 50,000 gallons of LNG per day.
  • REV’s Cryogenic LNG Transport Fleet operates out of an operations hub nearby allowing for rapid deployment and delivery of LNG to our customers.

Dairy RNG Project

  • The anaerobic digester system at this 7,500 cow Wisconsin farm provides sustainability and profitability for the fourth generation Dairy family.
  • REV operates a substantial virtual pipeline providing turn-key service transporting the RNG from regional farms to a centralized injection facility.

LNG Virtual Pipeline Facility

  • Mining corporation selected REV to provide a reliable source of LNG to power their burner tip applications
  • REV designed a turn-key LNG Virtual Pipeline solution which allows the customer to economically utilize LNG as a replacement tool for increased savings and reduced carbon emissions.

Truck-to-Ship Marine LNG Bunkering Project

  • In December 2020, REV provided Groupe Desgagnés with the first ever Truck-to-Ship Marine LNG Bunkering operation on the Great Lakes.
  • REV’s Fleet delivered 400 M3 of LNG to the Damia Desgagnés in the Port of Hamilton, Ontario.  This exciting project will serve as the foundation for Great Lakes vessels to utilize LNG and will set the course to a clean fuel future.